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1A Prospective Comparison of the Effects of Interfractional Variations on Proton Therapy and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer
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2Evaluation of normal lung tissue complication probability in gated and conventional radiotherapy using the 4D XCAT digital phantom
Sara Shahzadeh,Somayeh Gholami,Seyed Mahmood Reza Aghamiri,Hojjat Mahani,Mansoure Nabavi,Faraz Kalantari
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Aime M. Gloi
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4Myths, facts and scope of spinal cord tolerance dose revision in Intensity modulated SIB treatment of locally advanced head and neck cancer: A dosimetrical and radiobiological demonstration
G. Patel,A. Mandal,S. Choudhary,R. Mishra,U. Shahi,H. Mishra
5Novel Radiobiological Gamma Index for Evaluation of 3-Dimensional Predicted Dose Distribution
Iori Sumida,Hajime Yamaguchi,Hisao Kizaki,Keiko Aboshi,Mari Tsujii,Nobuhiko Yoshikawa,Yuji Yamada,Osamu Suzuki,Yuji Seo,Fumiaki Isohashi,Yasuo Yoshioka,Kazuhiko Ogawa
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6Radiobiological and dosimetric impact of RayStation pencil beam and Monte Carlo algorithms on intensity-modulated proton therapy breast cancer plans
Suresh Rana,Kevin Greco,E. James Jebaseelan Samuel,Jaafar Bennouna
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7Validation of a model for physical dose variations in irregularly moving targets treated with carbon ion beams
Giorgia Meschini,Matteo Seregni,Silvia Molinelli,Alessandro Vai,Justin Phillips,Gregory C Sharp,Andrea Pella,Francesca Valvo,Mario Ciocca,Marco Riboldi,Harald Paganetti,Guido Baroni
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8Development and Implementation of Proton Therapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma: Challenges and Perspectives
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9Is synchronous bilateral breast irradiation using flattening filter-free beam-based volumetric-modulated arc therapy beneficial? A dosimetric study
Jagadheeskumar Nagaraj,K Veluraja
Journal of Medical Physics.2020;45(4)226
10Dosimetric analysis of cervical cancer stage IIB patients treated with volumetric modulated arc therapy using plan uncertainty parameters module of Varian Eclipse treatment planning system
Gaganpreet Singh,Atul Tyagi,Deepak Thaper,Rose Kamal,Vivek Kumar,Arun S Oinam,Ranjana Srivastava,Shikha Halder,Shelly Hukku
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11Comparison of three and four-field radiotherapy technique and the effect of laryngeal shield on vocal and spinal cord radiation dose in radiotherapy of non-laryngeal head and neck tumors
Noushin Hassan Pour,Alireza Farajollahi,Masoud Jamali,Ahad Zeinali,Amir Ghasemi Jangjou
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12Radiobiological modeling of radiation-induced acute mucosal toxicity (oral mucositis and pharyngeal mucositis): A single-institutional study of head-and-neck carcinoma
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13Transformation of Physical DVHs to Radiobiologically Equivalent Ones in Hypofractionated Radiotherapy Analyzing Dosimetric and Clinical Parameters: A Practical Approach for Routine Clinical Practice in Radiation Oncology
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Suresh Rana,Anatoly B. Rosenfeld
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15Impact of Spot Size and Beam-Shaping Devices on the Treatment Plan Quality for Pencil Beam Scanning Proton Therapy
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16Radiobiological modeling of radiation-induced acute rectal mucositis: A single-institutional study of cervical carcinoma
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17Clinical Impact of the Bolus in Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy and Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy for Stage I–II Nasal Natural Killer/T-Cell Lymphoma
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18Pediatric craniospinal irradiation – The implementation and use of normal tissue complication probability in comparing photon versus proton planning
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20Effect of fluence smoothing on the quality of intensity-modulated radiation treatment plans
Puzhakkal Niyas,Kallikuzhiyil Kochunny Abdullah,Manthala Padannayil Noufal,Thekkedath Sankaran Nair
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21Dosimetric and Radiobiological Comparison of External Beam Radiotherapy Using Simultaneous Integrated Boost Technique for Esophageal Cancer in Different Location
Lu Wang,Chengqiang Li,Xue Meng,Chengming Li,Xindong Sun,Dongping Shang,Linlin Pang,Yixiao Li,Jie Lu,Jinming Yu
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22Comparison between the four-field box and field-in-field techniques for conformal radiotherapy of the esophagus using dose–volume histograms and normal tissue complication probabilities
Farzaneh Allaveisi,Amir Nami Moghadam
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23Comparison of cardiac and lung doses for breast cancer patients with free breathing and deep inspiration breath hold technique in 3 dimensional conformal radiotherapy - a dosimetric study
Karthick Raj Mani,Suresh Poudel,K J Maria Das
Polish Journal of Medical Physics and Engineering.2017;23(4)109
24Dosimetric and radiobiological comparison of simultaneous integrated boost and sequential boost of locally advanced cervical cancer
E.S. Sukhikh,L.G. Sukhikh,P.A. Lushnikova,M.A. Tatarchenko,Ahmed Ramadan Abdelrahman
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254p plan optimization for cortical-sparing brain radiotherapy
Vyacheslav L. Murzin,Kaley Woods,Vitali Moiseenko,Roshan Karunamuni,Kathryn R. Tringale,Tyler M. Seibert,Michael J. Connor,Daniel R. Simpson,Ke Sheng,Jona A. Hattangadi-Gluth
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32Impact of dose heterogeneity in target on TCP and NTCP for various radiobiological models in liver SBRT: different isodose prescription strategy
Deepak Thaper,Gaganpreet Singh,Rose Kamal,Arun S. Oinam,Hanuman P Yadav,Rishabh Kumar,Vivek Kumar
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express.2021;7(1)015020
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