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This article has been cited by
1Evaluation of heterogeneity dose distributions for Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT): comparison of commercially available Monte Carlo dose calculation with other algorithms
Wataru Takahashi,Hideomi Yamashita,Naoya Saotome,Yoshio Iwai,Akira Sakumi,Akihiro Haga,Keiichi Nakagawa
Radiation Oncology.2012;7(1)
2Still equivalent for dose calculation in the Monte Carlo era? A comparison of free breathing and average intensity projection CT datasets for lung SBRT using three generations of dose calculation algorithms
Kristina Zvolanek,Rongtao Ma,Christina Zhou,Xiaoying Liang,Shuo Wang,Vivek Verma,Xiaofeng Zhu,Qinghui Zhang,Joseph Driewer,Chi Lin,Weining Zhen,Andrew Wahl,Su-Min Zhou,Dandan Zheng
Medical Physics.2017;44(5)1939
3Target dose conversion modeling from pencil beam (PB) to Monte Carlo (MC) for lung SBRT
Dandan Zheng,Xiaofeng Zhu,Qinghui Zhang,Xiaoying Liang,Weining Zhen,Chi Lin,Vivek Verma,Shuo Wang,Andrew Wahl,Yu Lei,Sumin Zhou,Chi Zhang
Radiation Oncology.2016;11(1)1939
4A comprehensive dosimetric study on switching from a Type-B to a Type-C dose algorithm for modern lung SBRT
Christina Zhou,Nathan Bennion,Rongtao Ma,Xiaoying Liang,Shuo Wang,Kristina Zvolanek,Megan Hyun,Xiaobo Li,Sumin Zhou,Weining Zhen,Chi Lin,Andrew Wahl,Dandan Zheng
Radiation Oncology.2017;12(1)1939
5Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Small Lung Tumors in the University of Tokyo Hospital
Hideomi Yamashita,Wataru Takahashi,Akihiro Haga,Satoshi Kida,Naoya Saotome,Keiichi Nakagawa
BioMed Research International.2014;2014(1)1
6A method to quantify and assess the dosimetric and clinical impact resulting from the heterogeneity correction in radiotherapy for lung cancer
Abdulhamid Chaikh,Jean-Yves Giraud,Jacques Balosso
International Journal of Cancer Therapy and Oncology.2014;2(1)020110
7Lung SBRT through Radiobiology
Aime M. Gloi
International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology.2016;05(01)78
8Lung SBRT through Radiobiology
Neha Amin,Tracey E. Schefter,Paul Okunieff,Brian Kavanagh,Michael T. Milano
International Journal of Medical Physics, Clinical Engineering and Radiation Oncology.2012;05(01)285
9Radiotherapy dose calculation on KV cone-beam CT image for lung tumor using the CIRS calibration
Changsheng Ma,Jianping Cao,Yong Yin,Jian Zhu
Thoracic Cancer.2014;5(1)68
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